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Whether you are just starting your short term rental business or you've been welcoming guests for a while, here you will find the perfect team to help you and support you through this journey.


We are a specialized team of professionals who help short term rentals owners get more direct bookings through a brand and website design that reflects their values.

But that’s what we do, not why, and why is far more important.

We know how demanding it can be to manage an accommodation on your own.

Welcoming guests, arranging cleaning and maintenance tasks, making sure everything is working correctly, and let’s not even start on the digital part!

We know digital stuff can be scary at first. Just as starting a short term rental business is scary at first. And here is our “why”.

We want you to have the tools you need to make your accommodation grow. And we want to be with you during this journey.

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Kind words from our clients

Muy buen servicio, muy profesional. Entendieron la idea de lo que pretendíamos y lo ejecutaron de muy buena manera. ¡Muy recomendable! - Posada Azul Marino
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores
Paina es y será el mejor servicio para comenzar un website de Alta calidad y súper accesible! Nicolás y Eve son los más responsables que yo he podido conocer en el desarrollo de cualquier proyecto que quiera poner un website de calidad a correr. Altamente recomendados!!! Desde Puerto Rico 🇵🇷💙
Cristina Gonzalez
Cristina Gonzalez
Trabajar de la mano con Nicolas y Evelyn fue pieza clave en nuestro proceso de creación de página web. Fueron muy amables y pacientes en el proceso de conocer nuestras necesidades y convertirlas en soluciones. Siempre estuvieron disponibles para resolver cualquier duda o consulta y hasta nos hicieron videos tutoriales para entender nuestras dudas. ¡Muchas gracias! Estamos muy contentos con nuestra nueva página web. ¡500% recomendado!
Joan Javier Pereira Pandolfo
Joan Javier Pereira Pandolfo
Excelente servicio, súper recomendable. Siempre dispuestos a dar lo mejor.

There are other reasons why we do what we do:

It's all in the name

The name Paina was born from the idea of creating a brand that reflects our values and identities. We live at the beach (and can’t imagine ourselves living anywhere else) and we found this Hawaiian word that means:

Pāʻina [ pāh’ee-nah ] Meal, dinner, small party with dinner; to eat a pāʻina.

We found this really appropriate because who doesn’t love a Hawaiian party with food, right?

The fruit pineapple is considered the symbol of hospitality. This is because in the 17th century only the very rich could afford them and it led to the pineapple becoming synonymous with high living.

Later, American sea captains started placing a pineapple outside their houses to signal that they had returned home. And this led to stone pineapples being placed at the entrance of fine homes and luxury hotels.

But wait, I’m lost. What does the pineapple have to do with the Hawaiian party?

The word pineapple is pronounced /ˈpʌɪnap(ə)l/. Take a closer look: pʌɪna.

So, we know it’s not easy to make the connections and probably not the most logical way to choose a name. But we adopted it as our way to do things too, the “Paina way”. And we love it.

Meet the team

Nicolas Pereira

Website design is my thing, and traveling is what I love. So, can you imagine something better for me than traveling while working with tourism entrepreneurs? I can't.
But it hasn't always been like this. Before becoming a website designer I studied architecture, helped building cabins in Córdoba, was receptionist in a hostel in Patagonia and even designed container houses. It's been such a journey to get here.

Evelyn Posadas

Just as I did when I worked in hotels, I’m in the front desk department. But instead of welcoming guests, now I welcome our customers. I’m the one who runs the agenda, brings in new ideas and who put the “hospitality” in Paina Hospitality. If I'm not working, you can probably find me chilling at the beach, searching for flights (my favorite hobby) or trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Jose Astudillo

I’m a big fan of minimalism, both in my designs and in my life. For me the hardest part of being a graphic designer is overcoming creative blocks. So I spend most of my afternoons at the beach watching the sunset and it usually helps. Who doesn’t get inspired with the motion of the ocean?

We told you about us, now tell us about you!