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Short term rental, long term business

Sounds good, right? But just posting your accommodation on Airbnb won’t get you very far on that journey.

If you want your short term rental to become a long term business you need to start thinking “out of the platform”. 

Remember you don’t own an Airbnb, you own a vacation rental and Airbnb is just a tool you use.

Let us help you take the first step to a short term rental business where you have the freedom to make your own rules.

Introducing our 3-step-solution to a lasting, profitable & independent short term rental business

1. Connect with your ideal guests

2. Turn them into bookers

3. Keep them coming

Step 1

Visual Identity


First things first. If you are launching your short term rental business (or want to go beyond Airbnb), the first thing you’ll need is to create is an identity of your own that your guests can trust.

And I’m not talking just about a logo, I mean the whole visual identity. This includes the colors, the fonts, the textures and the logo too, of course.

Having a whole visual identity system will inspire confidence in your guests and make them connect the image and identity of your short term rental with the quality of your services.

What we offer:

Step 2

Direct Booking Website

Let me tell you something: Airbnb is just a platform (someone else’s platform, by the way). And if you want to create a real business with your short term rental you can’t rely on a third-party website for getting your bookings. 

You need to be the owner of a website where people can book your accommodation. And not just a website, but one that you feel proud of.

We create websites where the values of your business are clearly conveyed, focusing on what makes your accommodation unique.

What we offer:

Step 3

Influencers Promotion

Show your guests the experience that they will live in your accommodation.

We promote and create content that highlights the experience of staying at your property, showing all the amenities and capturing the essence of the place.

We believe in promoting and exposing on social networks, since it is the main means to achieve growth, greater exposure and bookings.

What we offer:

Where your accommodation will be promoted



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What you get

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With several years of experience in tourism and hospitality, we know the industry well, both offline and online.

And we know what a short term rental needs in order to achieve its goals.

We are a dynamic team of professionals who like working hand in hand with our clients.

Developing a strong visual identity helps create an emotional connection with your guests. Consistent visuals unify a brand’s messaging so people instantly recognize the brand across all channels. A well-designed visual identity can boost brand awareness and make people more likely to book.
You will be provided with all the files you will need to reproduce your logo for print, web and social media purposes. Your logo will be supplied in JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG formats.
The website is built on WordPress, a very easy-to-use platform. You will receive training where we will teach you how to update the information on the website whenever you want.

We work with Hostaway, Smoobu, OwnerRez, Lodgify and Guesty. If you use another PMS, feel free to contact us.

Yes! We create websites that are easy to manage and update. We will provide you with some very comprehensive video tutorials and some lessons to show you how to use, manage and update your new website.

Our intention is for you to be able to manage your own website. However, if you need help, we provide on-going website maintenance and support for many of our clients.

There are no hidden costs. The only recurring (yearly) fees you will have are the domain and the hosting, both needed for the creation of any website. The domain (name of your website) must be in your name. We will guide you step by step so you can easily register it yourself. You can use your own hosting (if you already have one) or we can provide you with a really good one.

Yes! In order to create all the content needed to properly show the experience, we require a 1-night-stay at the property.

Of course! In addition to promoting on our accounts, we will send you all the content (photos, videos, drone images) after our stay. It usually takes us 2 weeks to have all the pictures and videos edited and ready to send them to you.

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